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Our values

We come from the generation of companies were trust and customer relationship is the base of our business model.
There are three principles that have been guiding our actions:
The “wow service”, seeking for the simplicity of use and the willingness to innovate.

For the benefit of our clients : The wow service

Adept of the “WOW effect” invented in the USA by Stew Leonard’s, we place client interests on top of our concerns. We want to render a service, as we would like to have it. This is called the “wow service”.

Wow service Rapidomaine

Focus on simplicity of use

We want to prioritize the simplicity of use. Where most websites multiply flash animations, info, headings, colors, photos, etc., we prefer to display bare pages free of unnecessary graphics.
Our entire offer shows up only when we click on links like “more specifications”, “more information“…

We are followers of the minimalism movement, which appeared in the early twentieth century.
Carried by many artists, architects, and designers, this movement considers that ornamentation is superfluous and should be reduced to its simplest expression.
This movement is reflected in the phrase “Less is more”.

Less is more

Evidences of this movement can be found long before the twentieth century: Leonardo da Vinci believed that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and Voltaire mentioned, “Common sense is not so common”.

Our aim is to mask the complexity in order to simplify usability.


We compare our company to a young tree where innovation is the crown. We encourage new branches and prune dead wood. This leads to changes and promotes individual initiative, and allows our team to express new ideas.

Rapidomaine innovation

To be truly innovating, we offer services where we are the strongest. We stand out through innovation on the following areas: better customer service, more detailed research, really specific offers, more effective communication and more practical media, to help you make the right decisions.

How do we use these values?

The understanding of these values is very important for us but transforming these principles into tangible projects demonstrates our capacities and effectiveness.

Sometimes one might think that some actions are benefic in the short-term period. But our values allow us to focus on the client’s interest and in the long term.


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