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Choosing a Domain Name

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Our tips for choosing the ideal Domain Name

Your Domain Name can contribute to the success of your website in a massive way. Real consideration of your brand identity/purpose should be employed when purchasing your Domain. Are you a non for profit charitable effort? A cosmetic beauty guru? A fashion label? A law firm? How is your purpose incorporated into your Domain Name? How well does your Domain align with your brand in a way that would be intuitive for those searching for your content to find? How well does your Domain Name reflect your site’s identity?

In general, a Domain Name cannot exceed 63 characters and cannot contain spaces or special characters (besides dash). The following chart shows the composition of a Domain

Domain Name

Here are some of our tips for choosing a Domain
. The shorter the ‘Domain Name’ is: the easier to remember and recall it will be for those who search you.
. Choose representative keywords for the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website `and to better harness your visibility
.Choose a name that embodies your brand, company, idea, purpose etc.
.Avoid unnecessarily long names, they are often counter productive
.Once you have a few ideas for your Domain Name, think about competitors in your field, what is the strength of your name in comparison? Is it unique etc?

Apply multiple Domain Name extensions to your site

The choice of Domain Name extensions you use depends on the type of site you want to create and the activity you want to conduct. To help you, our Product Pages describe the advantages of each extension

Nevertheless, as a general rule of thumb; if available, we recommend you acquiring the following extensions: .fr .COM, .NET, .ORG .

This quartet is essential for full impact search engine ranking, these are four of the most searched/assumed extensions today – the more space you occupy online the more visible you are.

.COM: Finding out that your desired Domain Name is available with the .COM extension is a very rare occurence, this extension is internationally recognized by the general public and had become quite saturated. .COM is so popular that almost half of all Domain Names fall under this extension. If you find your desired Domain Name is available in .COM, we suggest you snap it up before someone else does.

.NET : .NET (Network) is one of the original five extensions and so is every bit as well established as it’s .COM sibling; despite being less populated to this day. It is an extension which is often associated with Network industries such as tech, telecommunications, electricity, engineering etc. but is actually used widely and acceptable as an extension for a website of any content. .NET is an extension with a good reputation.

.ORG : .ORG is an ideal choice if your site is in connection with non-profit organisation, charity efforts, social justice etc. It’s an extension commonly associated with community, made up of sites with strong message boards – major charities use this extension to identify themselves as non-profit.

.FR : .fr is the country code (ccTLD) of France. It instantly identifies your site as being French, in relation to France or intended for French communities. If your target audience is the French public, it is essential to have a .fr Domain Name. This will help you improve your SEO and thus obtain greater visibility on the French web.

Additional Help

If you need additional help, you can contact our Customer Support team . One of our dedicated team members can help you finding the right domain name!

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