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Which Rapido Web Hosting package is right for me?

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Web Hosting for a presentation site: Rapido Standard

Our most simplistic and user friendly package comes at the attractive price of (29 € VAT excluded/year), the Rapido Standard offers 10 Gb of disk space, personalised email addresses e.g. NAME@YOURDOMAIN.COM, statistical/analytical resources and access to our dedicated Customer Support services”.

Detailed configuration Rapido Standard

Web Hosting for a dynamic site (CMS): Rapido Pro

Rapido Pro offers 50 Go of disk space, a database, personalised e-mail addresses e.g. NAME@YOURDOMAIN.COM, statistical/analytical resources, and access to our dedicated Customer Support service. This package is compatible to use in conjunction with more than 50 different CMS. With Rapido Pro, you can install your CMS in an instant from within your account. (WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal etc.)

Detailed configuration Rapido Pro

Web Hosting for sites requiring abundant disk space and premium emailing: Rapido Expert

Rapido Expert offers 100Gb hard drive space, a database, premium email accounts and Hosting on separate servers to avoid connectivity disruptions between you and your global audience. With Rapido Expert, you can expect a personal response from a member of our Customer Support team within 4 minutes of receipt from you. Select this package and receive the following complimentary bonuses: installation and CMS update, database import, retrieval of web or sql backup and remote email account setup!

Detailed configuration Rapido Expert

Benefit from our annual complimentary gift of additional disk space free of charge!

With each of our Hosting packages, you have the option to save disk space with our Loyalty Program. We reward your loyalty by giving you 100 MB of disk space every year on your birthday. You also earn 100 MB for each of our social networks you connect with.

Additional Help

If you need additional help on choosing your hosting package, you can contact our Customer Support team . One of our dedicated team members can help you to renew your domain!

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