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Rapidosite e-commerce
Build a professional looking online store in an instant Send us your content, we'll do the rest!

Services included

Domain Name An annuity offered
Web Hosting Rapido Pro or Rapido Expert
Email accounts 5 accounts POP or IMAP
Design Personalised design
Mobile optimised Yes. Responsive Designs
Number of pages and products Unlimited
Online payment method Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, cheque
Statistics Webalizer
S.E.O Included
Registration in search engines Included
Total VAT excl. 2990 VAT excl.
Total VAT incl. €3588 VAT incl.
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E-commerce Website creation process

Processus de création de votre site

A professional appearance for your online store

Un design magnifique We're here to build exactly the kind of Website you need. Traditional, minimalist, classic, extravagant, retro - Tell us what style of Website you want, fill out the form, and receive your free demo!

Mobile optimised

Un site compatible sur smartphone et tablette tactile

Our sites are "Design Responsive": the layout alters itself for optimal readership across devices.              A complete design is displayed on a computer screen, a simplified design on a tablet or smartphone screen. The user can view the same Website across a wide range of devices.

Assistive tools for managing your e-commerce Website

Un design magnifique Our e-commerce Website creation tools allow you to easily start your online business. You can manage your products, customers and orders at the click of a button. Guests have access to a shipping management system, payment options and reports on the progress of a purchase.

S.E.O for e-commerce Website creation

Un référencement optimisé The pages of our sites are search engine optimized for prime ranking.

Simplicity and e-commerce Website creation

Gagnez du temps

We love what we do, and we do our jobs well - Our skilled professionals are ready to create the perfect platform for you (in no time at all) to show the world what it is that you do best.

No need for a programming degree

Pas Besoin de Connaissance de programmation

You don't need technical knowledge to create your Website, in fact, you don't even need to be sitting at a computer to make it happen - Rapidomain consults with you before building your dream website based on your needs.              Once your online store has been built, we hand it back over to you to manage.

Key statistics at your disposal


Consult your daily, weekly, monthly and annual statistics. Learn from information about the most visited pages, entry and exit pages, traffic from countries...

Support by email and by phone

Support client

Our Customer Support is an integral part of our business. Our Hotline is open Monday to Friday 8 am - 8pm and Saturdays 8 am - noon.              Outside of these hours, our information library provides an abundance of support materials free of charge.

Options for an e-commerce Website

Logo creation
Setup of content page
Listing products into a database
Sharing product posts on social media networks
Facebook post integration
Twitter post integration
Newsletter Integration (Subscriptions)
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)
Integration of Google Analytics tags
Configuration of other payment methods
Characteristics module of products
Integrating Live chat
Multi-language Website
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